Who we are

As a voluntary sector organisation, our management committee consists of five people.

Our experience is diverse, including two trustees who have worked with several charities in the area for 20 years.

Our founder has a BA (Hons 1st class) in Social and Behavioural Studies plus many more qualifications in mental health and advice.

The other members of the Management Committee are a manager of an advocacy service, a business owner of a vending machine company and a retired business management consultant.

Several of the Management Committee members also acknowledge that they themselves have managed mental health problems of various kinds in their lives, and all have insight and empathy into the issues and barriers that such problems cause.

All of the Management Committee are, or have been, carers for family members who have a disability too, so we understand the pressures and demands on people in this position too.

Our groups are run by trained group leaders.

If you feel that you have talents, skills, experience and expertise which could help us to develop the organisation as a trustee, please get in touch with us to have a chat about it.