The hardest of times brings out the best in us

We are going through difficult times, but we are here to help you.

We do want to emphasise that the majority of people will not fall ill with covid-19, and for the vast majority of those who do become unwell, symptoms will only be mild to moderate and not require hospital treatment.

The Government has issued advice and guidance which we would urge everyone to follow, largely around social distancing and cleanliness.

We have created a help sheet of information for people explaining more about these measures and links to helpful web based resources. You can see this by clicking here.

The situation in China, where the outbreak began, appears to be easing, and several vaccines have been developed around the world. These have been rolled out in the UK to most of the adult population now.

Try to not focus on it all of the time. Practise your anxiety easing techniques, and although we have suspended our face to face support groups until the situation stabilises, we are running online workshops.

Remember that you can book a phone call from us by messaging us.

In the meantime, please read our information sheet and more details on how the current situation affects our service, please click here.