Corporate support

Corporate support

Employers can often find it difficult managing their workers who may be struggling with managing stress or perhaps when people have any kind of mental health problem including depression for example.

We support employers through providing mental health awareness workshops, stress management sessions and tailored packages ranging from 1 hour through to full day training courses, all at low rates. You can download our rate chart by clicking here.

Our ultimate aim is to help people to retain their jobs. For employers, replacing valuable members of staff can be disruptive and costly, with recruitment and induction costing many hundreds of pounds. By supporting businesses we also help them to save significant amounts of money too.

So far we have worked with YARA in Pocklington and The Carers Federation Independent Advocates in Hull, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire.

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Greg with the Pete and the ICA team in Hull, after a full day workshop on mental health awareness, communication and related support. A great and productive day with a few laughs along the way too.

Feedback so far has been extremely positive.

This from YARA..

“Dear Greg, you and your team helped to provide an excellent ‘safety day’ at our site in Pocklington.  

We very much wanted to run with a health theme and stress awareness is an important topic for us.

We held several sessions over the day focusing on difference topics and we asked our members of staff to choose three sessions to attend during the day.  The stress awareness session you delivered was a popular choice amongst our staff.

The day ran really well with all sessions going down well.  I know that the stress awareness sessions were very well received as I was given positive feedback by a number of people that attended.  I also attended this session and found it useful and interesting.”